no total station required

By triangulating GPS error over a work area, the XMC RoadWorx system automatically compensates for GPS drift, maintaining millimeter precision throughout the workday and eliminating the need for total station laser elevation correction.

string-less paving.  RTK GPS Technology at its finest

Productivity.  Efficiency.  Precision.  All the ingredients of a successful paving crew.  Eliminating cumbersome stringline alignments and multiple laser equipment setups means taking productivity to a higher level.  The XMC RoadWorx system utilizes the latest in RTK GPS technology and Machine Control software to make your operation more efficient and more profitable across all machine types

maximum flexibility

Utilize the XMC RoadWorx Machine Control platform from subgrade preparation for surface milling, dozers and Motor graders, to paving operations and final grade surface deflection roller compaction measurement.  The XMC Sync utility allows real time file synchronization of as built surfaces over the entire jobsite, eliminating the need to resurvey in between processes.

full compatibility

XMC RoadWorx is compatible with most industry standard file types so you can utilize existing engineering designs and generate as built surface models throughout the process, from building the subgrade to final compaction.


seamless integration

The XMC RoadWorx system integrates with most standard sensing devices.  Sonic sensors, steering sensors, slope sensors, etc, allowing a smooth transition into your existing operation.