Easy to use software allows you to utilize fully engineered designs or create your own design by simply driving the desired tile path and setting your parameters.  

With AGPS PipeWorx Software, get your subsurface pipe installations right the first time. Users drive their preferred tile path, or upload an engineered design and setup their parameters.  AGPS PipeWorx then automatically generates an optimal path to install the tile into.  By utilizing industry leading GPS data control and infinite curve path generation, AGPS PipeWorx calculates plow position coordinates in real time, providing high precision machine control and dynamic path adjustment to allow automatic path recalculation in the case of parameter adjustment or if a rock or other obstruction is hit.  When the job is done, you can save the as built installation data for future reference.


​​The AGPS PipeWorx control system provides high speed, precise control of your machines grade, slope and steering systems.  It interfaces with all types of machine hydraulic control components including CANbus, ISObus, proportional, bang-bang and PWM, allowing it to control everything from self propelled tile plows, tractor mounted systems or dozer mounts.  And because AGPS PipeWorx designs and builds all their control systems in house, we can provide fully integrated control systems for all types of custom built equipment or auxiliary add ons.