• Vertical Curve Technology
  • Automatic Blade Control
  • Profile View
  • Bird's Eye View w/ Rotatable Grid
  • Real Time Guidance Info
  • Real Time Depth and Slope Adjustment
  • Ditch Uphill or Downhill
  • Save Job Info for future reference

Automatic Blade Control

With automatic blade control, enjoy a more precise cut with less operator fatigue.  Plug and play capability with most late model tractors.  External valves are available for older model machinery and custom applications

Control The Machine of Your Choice:

  • Rotary Ditchers
  • V-Wing Ditchers
  • Scrapers

GPS Ditching as Easy as 1-2-3

​1. Drive to the highest point and press "Start"

2. Drive the channel of the ditch to the lowest drainage point and press "Stop"

3. Start Ditching!