What makes a good machine operator unique?  Intelligent decision making.  A machine operator shouldn't have to be told every little step required to accomplish the job.

The software is no different.  The foundation of XMC's machine control solutions is built using an intelligent machine language used in self-driving vehicles, machine learning systems, and other intelligent control applications.  Unlike other machine control solutions which are essentially lists of step by step instructions that the computer follows, telling the system what GPS coordinates to position the blade to and how to get there, the XMC system is a simple rule-based system which tells the computer only the GPS coordinates to arrive at and how fast to get there, and leverages modern day high speed processors to run millions of calculations plotting the best path to take.  The result?  A superior smooth finish across all operating conditions.  Don't take our word for it.  Call us today and we'll put you in touch with real-world users who use XMC's exceptional Machine Control products every day.


XMC Machine Control, Inc.  Not your average GPS machine control company.  What we are is a rapid response engineering team who have resurrected the classic hot rod of machine control software, and outfitted it with the latest advancements in user interface design and cross platform compatibility. Not only do we write source code for software and design all the electronics for precise hydraulic control systems, we operate the machines we build control systems for.  We understand heavy equipment and our sole focus is turning the latest in software and sensor technology into robust, high precision GPS machine control systems.