June 6 - 2017 - Lansing, MI 

XMC Machine Control Inc, in partnership with Optisurface, the worlds leader in 3D Earthworks, announces its latest product for end to end earthworks solutions.  Terrace and Waterway Design.  

This addition to the XMC lineup provides customers with the industry's only complete earthworks solution for terracing and waterways, from initial design, to volume analysis to implementation and build, through a robust 3D GPS Machine Control Solution.  In addition, the XMC "DirtWorx" software package not only provides fully automated 3D machine control, but also provides live cut/fill mapping as well as "As Built" surface designs, with file outputs compatible with all major CAD software.  The "As Built" designs are not only useful for record keeping purposes, but are essential for submission to soil and water conservation boards who may provide various levels of Government funding for projects conforming to their specifications.

Machine control can be installed on various types of equipment including dozers, pans or dirt blowers.

​Media Contact - Preston Marthey 1-870-819-7151