February 16 - 2017 - Lansing, MI 

XMC Machine Control Inc. today announced an agreement to acquire source code and intellectual property for GPS Machine Control software products previously sold under the Geologic Computer Systems, AMW Machine Control and Advanced GeoPositioning Solutions Inc. (AGPS) companies.  

This agreement brings to a close a lengthy period of litigation and copyright disputes and provides certainty to all past, present and future owners of AGPS, AMW and XMC software products.  As part of this agreement, complete repositories of source code are held in escrow with multiple, nuetral third parties to guarantee the long term support of the software.

Going forward, XMC will continue to build on the foundational machine control source code that has led the industry in fine grade machine control since the late 1990's.  Combined with it's expertise in state of the art hydraulic control, advanced sensor technology and the latest advancements in Intelligent Machine Control, XMC continues to develop and deliver the premier solutions in GPS Machine Control.

​Media Contact - Preston Marthey 1-870-819-7151

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